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author: admin_kahon

Kahon (Box) is a boxed theme for WordPress that is ideal for a news/update blogs. Kahon makes skimming posts easy and convenient with its grid-based layout. The permalink pages are clean and minimalist as well. This is the base theme for Plus63.net a blog on Filipino Creativity.

1. Download theme & extract the files.
2. Using an FTP client, upload the theme to http://yoursite.com/yourblog/wp-content/themes
3. Select and activate the theme on your WordPress admin.

For detailed instructions click here.

Additional Info
For best results, set the number of posts to be displayed at 16. Additionally, you can set the Largest media width to 410px.

Wordpress’ Custom Field can be used for the thumbnails. Just upload a 165×160 image file, copy the link generated by the upload and then paste it on the custom field form.

The theme also works even without the thumbnail image.


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  1. how can i download this theme?
    cause the link you gave it’s not working… snif!

  2. I would like to grab this if possible stockinterface not working